10 Gay Actors you didn’t know about their sexuality

Instead of hiding one’s sexuality from the world for the fear of backlash, it has become much easier, in today’s ever growing society, for gay men and women to be open about it. With the fact that more and more are opening up, it is likely that a large chunk of the celebrity population too have a few gay performers.


Thought sexuality has no absolutely no impact on performance, still it is always fun to know that the all-time favourite actor who’s a hit among the girls might actually happen to be a gay and vice-versa.

Let’s check out a few of them:

This guy’s a child prodigy having the IQ of a genius. But, lacks understanding of humor, social skills and has difficulty in spotting sarcasm and irony in others.

#1 Jim Parsons: The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon Cooper)

Throughout, Cooper has been perceived as aromantic and asexual. He has been in a relation with Amy Farrah Fowler whom he met on a dating site.

However, Parsons has openly confessed being a gay and has been with his partner (and art director) Todd Spiewal for over a decade.

But, his portrayal Sheldon Cooper (a straight character) has just been outstanding. He has even won four Prime Time Emmy awards for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.


A lawyer by profession but career minded and having extreme cynical views on men and relationships.