10 Most Shocking Hygiene Practices

Many of the times we don’t like to get out of bed or to bathe or to brush our teeth , even comb our hair. Well personally, I can’t believe to do such a thing even for a day, let seen an entire year for that matter!!


But our Ancestors had a different concept of thinking about hygiene in the medieval times and during the Renaissance era . And long before the advent of modern tech and the plumbing, electricity activities like we expertise now, at that particular time the personal hygiene personal was quite shocking.

This gives us an exact IDEA as to why the average life expectancy at that particular era mere 30 years. This era is sometimes also referred to as the PLAGUE era.

Prior to the modern conveniences we have today, people had to resort to some pretty strange practices for cosmetics, dentistry and even feminine care. If you think port-a-potties are gross, wait until you see what we used as toilets back in Victorian times!

Have a go through for some truly shocking and terrifying hygiene practices from our past.

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#1 People used to pee and poo in pots kept under their beds

The wooden pee and poo under the beds made it easy for the people to use it when they felt the need to go to the washroom during the middle of the night or anytime when they are sleeping.

wood poo