10 Places Abandoned After Massive Disasters

In the wake of massive disasters, it isn’t uncommon for entire communities to abandon affected areas and never return. This is done for a variety of reasons: the damage and destruction might be too sever for rebuilding work to ever take place; there might be a chance that disaster could occur again at a later date; or, simply, the loss of life that occurred might be too heart-breaking. Here are 10 places that abandon by massive disasters.

#1 Times Beach, Missouri


In 1970s, the roads of the town of Times Beach, Missouri were unpaved, causing a massive safety issue for travelling. So the town hired a waste hauler named Russell Bliss to oil the road. Bliss had been oiling the road with a mixture of engine oil and NEPACCO waste. In 3rd December 1982 EPA took samples of the town’s soil and it was contained with levels of dioxin which is 100 times higher than the level considered as hazardous to human health. But on 5th December the town flooded by the water of Meramec River.