10 Most Beautiful Cloud Illustrations by the Creative Artist Martin Feijoo

Cloud is something that is constantly fascinating and dreamy. Clouds can come in all sizes, shapes, and colourings. It brings two thoughts a lot of things. Sometimes they appear to be gentle puffs of cotton scattered throughout the sky. Different instances, they carry to thoughts a thick and soft blanket that provides comfort in the bloodless, or they can even look like feathers, just floating around as they gently journey the smooth breeze. Based on the special shapes of cloud, Martin Feijoo a totally creative minded artist from Madrid is working on tasks based totally on cloud illustrations. Each time he is on a ride, he’s taking pix of cloud and then gives it a form as according to his imagination. For the duration of the time of his instance assignment, Feijoó said, That after he became a child, he turned into told that clouds’ shapes had been created through professional balloon tornado clowns who live in the sky, that will preserve wonderful kids. On his closing journey to Mexico he remembered this and he commenced to photograph clouds on the street. The end result is shaping clouds, a chain of illustrations where Feijoo himself drew the very first thing that got into his own mind whilst he noticed these clouds that he consider a person made for him.  He has maintained a naïve sense of imagination in his series shaping cloud and makes use of an illustrative style to match. So here is 10 most stunning Cloud illustrations via the innovative artist martin Feijoo.

#10 Parrot Fish Cloud

See the Illustration; it’s really looking like a parrot fish, which is flying in the sky!