15 Confused Cats with Their Gifts

A little cat is a playful pet. A cat has four short legs and a pretty sweet tail. All cat’s claws and teeth are very sharp. A cat and  small tiger look bit same. The cat’s body is soft and full with silky hair. Normally cat’s eye colour is brown and sometimes it’s grey. Cats are found worldwide. Cats love to relax and sleep. The cat has a power to see in the dark. Cat’s main two favourite foods are fish and milk. People keep cats in the house to scare the mice. Cats are best friends for children. Normally a cat gives birth to three to four kittens and during that time cat takes shelter under the bed for the reason of protection. The cat is considered as a member of the family.  We all cat Lovers love to buy gifts for their cats. So many types of gifts are available in the market such as a cat bed, cat sofa, cat sofa cum bed, cat dress, cat stand, cat tent, cat bowl etc. But it’s rare that a cat likes the gift gifted by the owner. Here I am presenting 15 confused cats with their gifts!

#15 Cat Sofa

See this cat is how much confused about his Sofa and except seating in the sofa that cat is sitting on the floor only.