15 Worst and Wrong Time Selfie

These days we take selfies countless time in a day. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s two or sometimes it’s more. The selfie making hobby can be seen in every human being now. Each and everyone take a selfie in a day and put it on social networking sites. Now making funny faces and smile alone is considered a sign of insanity named Selfie. The Selfie word is not new to anyone in these time of technology. Recently The Russian government warned its citizens by issuing a booklet, in which it is stated that “the millions of Likes on social media are more important than your life”. So many people are getting lost to the extent in their selfie taking situation and they do not even know, knowingly or unknowingly become a victim of the accidents. Sometime ago a girl was taking selfie with a pistol and suddenly she pressed the trigger and shot herself. So many people are there who really don’t think about anything while taking selfie. Here I am presenting 15 worst and wrong time selfies!

#15 Grand Mom Selfie

Look at their pose! This older lady is holding her granddaughter to take a selfie! How ridiculous is this one!