Incredible 10 Submerged Ruins To Explore

Unlike the fabled cities of Atlantis and Lemuria, the underwater ruins of the ancient Greek city of Helike were rediscovered in 2001. Buried underneath the remnants of a primordial lagon, it is no longer a tantalizing mystery for writers, historians and enterprising explorers. The following 10 ruins serve as a reminder of Mother Nature’s might and of our glorious archaeological ancestry.

#1 Samabaj

Discovered in 1996, researchers have concluded that the ruins were originally an island until volcanic activity or a landslide sunk it 1700 years ago. The buildings were drowned before the era of Mayan rule and artefacts discovered have left the impression that the area was abandoned in a hurry. Excavations are extremely demanding as the visibility is close to none and everything is covered with a very thick layer of silt.