These 12 Hollywood stars grew up beautifully

Las mejores fotos antiguas son aquellas que puedes ver horas sin siquiera cansarte de ellas. HolaHoop ha reunido algunas de ellas para tu deleite.

#1 Íconos

Salvador Dali y Coco Chanel.Oftentimes, even us, we admit it, talk about Hollywood stars and how they’ve grown old, how time has taken its toll or how bad habits related to the life of a celebrity, like alcohol and drug abuse, led to their downfall and physical change. So in this post we’re going to talk about those stars that have grown to be glamorous, especially compared to their younger selves.

#1 Abigail Breslin

Actress and singer Abigail Breslin from the US has really turned into a hottie over the years.

1. Abigail Breslin

#2 Josh Peck

The young and fat Josh Peck, now most known for his role in the Drake & Josh sitcom, is no more.

2. Josh Peck

#3 Lee Norris

You might know Lee Norris from Boy Meets World and One Tree Hill. He’s surely outgrown that young, blonde, innocent boy all those years ago.

3. Lee Norris

#4 Dakota Fanning

Dakota was a start even from a young age, appearing in movies like Man on Fire, War of the Worlds and Charlotte’s Web.

4. Dakota Fanning

#5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We all know and love Joseph Gordon-Levitt now, but have you ever seen him when he was just a boy?

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

#6 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is now considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not to say that at age 26 she’s also one of the most well known and successful stars in the music business.

6. Taylor Swift

#7 Matthew Lewis

Remember small, geeky, clumsy Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter series? Just look at him now!

7. Matthew Lewis

#8 Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst isn’t that small, boyish looking farmgirl no more.

8. Kirsten Dunst

#9 Neil Patrick Harris

Everyone’s favourite character from How I Met Your Mother has grown to be quite LEGEN… wait for it… DARY!

9. Neil Patrick Harris

#10 Meagan Good

From just a small girl with nothing really to distinguish her, she’s grown up to be quite the exquisite and beautiful woman.

10. Meagan Good

#11 Alexa Vega

Woah, you can hardly recognise her now from when she was just a young girl. Just look at how hot she is.

11. Alexa Vega

#12 Anna Chlumsky

Known for her role in the HBO series Veep, she has been a star even from a young age, playing in My Girl 25 years ago. But she’s sure turn into a stunning woman since then.

12. Anna Chlumsky