Top 10 World’s Safest Countries Of 2016

World is like a hell now because of all the disasters, terrorism and for robberies. Everybody wants to go and settle down in a safest country. But choosing world’s top 10 safest countries is not an easy work to do. Crimes and natural disasters are happening everywhere in the world but all though there are some safe countries still exist in the world. Here are the list of those safest 10 countries, based on lowest crime rate, natural disasters, economic situation, corruption and domestic violence issues.

#10 Czech Republic

The new European country is an attraction point for tourists, from all over the world. Rate of crime is very low in this country. No VISA required for U.S citizen. Living cost is very reasonable here. Transportation is vey punctual. This country has so many types of deep forests. Skiing in winter is very safe here. The breath taking nature of this country is attracting all nature lovers.