World’s 10 Biggest Electronic Manufacturing Company By Their Revenues

There are so many electronic companies available in the world. The real fact is, it’s very difficult to count them. Each and every electronic manufacturer wants to dominate in this industry. Their wish to become number 1 creates a situation of competition, and the result is, we get bunches of high quality electronic products. Here is the list of World’s 10 biggest electronic manufacturing companies by their revenues.

#10 Nokia

Revenue: $53,573
Founded: 1871
Employees: 97,798

Nokia is a Finnish multinational company, founded in 1865. It’s headquarter located in Espoo, Uusimaa. Nokia is the main contributor of mobile industry. Nokia started their smart phone journey with Symbian platform, but it was soon overshadowed by iPhone and Android devices. Nokia then signed a contract with Microsoft in 2011 and started making Windows Phone.